Talk with artists Cabello/Carceller at IASPIS

Cabello/Carceller will participate in this year’s Venice Biennale representing the Spanish Pavillion. March 20th, 19:00. IASPIS

Flamenco at the Etnografiska

The Etnografiska presents a show that will lead you through the history of flamenco until our days.  March 14th, 14:30. Etnografiska Museet

Journalist-radio speaker José Miguel López presents a sound photo-biography on Federico García Lorca

José Miguel López is the co-author of the book Fotobiografía Sonora, which includes several recordings. March 13th, 9:30. Stockholm University, Latinamerikainstitutetsbibliotek (LAI), Universitetsvägen 10 B, (house B, floor 5)

M&M&M, with Marina Mascarell and Marcos Morau, at Dansens Hus

Skåne’s Dance Theatre introduces M&M&M, three pieces by three different choreographers: Marina Mascarell, Marcos Morau and Martin Forsberg.  March 5-6, 19:00. Dansens Hus

ARCOMadrid 2015 börjar idag!

Den 25 februari-1 mars 2015 kommer ARCO att samla det mest representativa av samtidskonst i Spanien och utomlands genom 212 konsthallar. Colombia är årets gästland. Förra året var Finland hedersgäst på mässan. Det… Läs mer

Artsy, Your Guide at ARCO

If you want to stay tuned on every single detail about ARCO; exhibitors, artists info, as well as editorial content surrounding the fair, visit, the Official Online Partner of ARCOmadrid.  

Talk with the art curator Eva González-Sancho

Eva González-Sancho is the first guest to the Curatorial Residency in Stockholm (CRIS) program. February 18, 20:00. Nordisk Gästateljé, Malongen. Nytorget 15 A Stockholm

Lunch-Dance With Spanish Character in Skånes

Skånes Dansteater is programming a very unusual yet perfect combination: lunch and contemporary dance. During February, the two performances shown are by Spanish choreographers.   February 20-21, 23-24, 26-27, 12 pm. Skånes Dansteater… Läs mer

Sonar, Electronic Music Festival

This is the second year this festival is celebrated in Stockholm.   February 13-14, 19:00-4:00. Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center

Exchange program between Stockholm University and Navarra University

The Centre for Fashion Studies in Stockholm University and the Fashion Business School at the Navarra University have signed an agreement to carry out an exchange program for students and professors. For more… Läs mer