The Shortest Day, international short films festival

The Shortest Day commemorates the shortest day of the year with short film screenings throughout the world

chicas day


Dec 21, 19.00-21.00. Obaren, Sturegallerian 42 114 46 Stockholm

The Shortest Day is a 2011 initiative from the French Short Film Agency 2011. This year countries from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia are participating. Screenings are all free of charge and take place in all sorts of places: streets, bars, museums, schools, hospitals, etc.

Four Spanish short films will be presented at Obaren in Stockholm:

  • Chicas Day (Girls’ Day) (2013)
  • Éramos pocos (We Were a Few) (2005)
  • La boda (The Wedding) (2012)
  • Lala (2009)

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Organized by the Instituto Cervantes


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