”Efter Mörker Ljus”, av Juanma González, en konstinstallation i Brunkebergstunneln

Kungliga Konsthögskolan masterstudent Juanma González vill hylla dagen med sin platsspecifika ljusinstallation ”Efter Mörker Ljus” i Brunkebergstunneln


21 december, 11:00-13:00. Brunkebergstunneln. Insläpp från David Bagares gata.

Efter mörker Ljus is an Art installation in Brunkebergstunneln, Stockholm. A site-specific project to celebrate the winter solstice, when the days start to get longer. Changing the context of public space to create a sacred place in the center of the city where people can to be involved of this natural phenomena of the cycle of sun. As our ancestors did.

The audience can enjoy a lighting experience to mark the occasion when the light comes back. To celebrate the cycle of life.

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Bild: http://www.kkh.se/index.php/sv/utstaellningar/oevriga-utstaellningar/2452-efter-moerker-ljus-en-konstinstallation-i-brunkebergstunneln