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Film-screenings: ”Literature in images”

The Instituto Cervantes is organizing a film series composed of four films from January 19 to February 16 on films that are based on literature works

The Shortest Day, international short films festival

The Shortest Day commemorates the shortest day of the year with short film screenings throughout the world   Dec 21, 19.00-21.00. Obaren, Sturegallerian 42 114 46 Stockholm

The annual Spanish Cinema Festival has arrived

The annual meeting with Spanish cinema that the Instituto Cervantes organizes has arrived.   4th-6th December, (check dates here). Bio Sture

10,000KM wins the Telia Film Award 2014!

 Sergi Moreno, 10,000KM producer, showing the award last Friday 10,000KM, directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet, which featured in the Stockholm Film Festival, received the Telia Film Award 2014. The jury was formed by producer Rebecka… Fortsätt läsa

2014.11.26 Film-screening: Mapa (dir. León Siminiani)

The film is a good example of experimental Spanish cinema today, yet fresh and intimate   2014.11.26, 18:30 Kulturhuset

2014.11.25 Conference on The (Re)generation of Spanish Cinema

Eloy D. Serén will give us some clues about where Spanish cinema is leading to 2014.11.25, 17:30-18:30 Kulturhuset

2014.11.5-16 Stockholm Film Festival

The 25th edition of the Stockholm Film Festival presents 4 Spanish films 2014.11.5-16 For places and time see program