Tree of Hands @Malmö Live Living Room


22 October-22 November. Malmö Live, (Living Room) Dag Hammarskjölds Torg, Malmö

The artist duo composed of Estonian Varvara Guljajeva and Spanish Mar Canet have created a new work called Tree of Hands, on display at the Living Room of Malmö Live until the 22nd of November.

Tree of Hands creates a digital illusion of immersive and mysterious landscape. The apocalyptic landscape forwards the fears of today: rising sea level, the lost airplane of Malaysia Airlines, a broken gas
pipe, an abandoned car, and a genetically mutated tree in the middle of the scene.
With this tree they tried to imagine the consequences of gene modifications. Since the effects are unknown really, they have decided to create a genetically mutated tree, which has moving hands instead of leaves. All the hands were created by spectators, whose hand movements were recorded. Hence, the tree memorizes and captures the hand movements. The hand movement detection sensor in the middle of a frame records each movement of one’s hand.

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