Spanish Design Goes International

The Association of Spanish Design Companies (AEDE) has invited seven bloggers to be part of Sunny Design Days, the annual event where Spanish design wants to have an impact beyond national borders. This year, they have invited bloggers from Amsterdam, Copenhague,  Stockholm, Paris, Munich, Belfast, and Helsinki from July 12th-17th to visit nine Spanish brands with showrooms in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

Sunny Design Days

The invited bloggers are:

Allan Top – Bungalow5

Emma Fexeus – Emsdesignblog

Anna Gustafsson – La Maison d’Anna G

Sussana Vento – Weekday Carnival

Gerard McGuikin – Walnut Grey

Igor Josifovic – Happy Interior

Desiree Groenendal – Vosges Paris


More information (in Spanish)