2014.11.21 Jaume Plensa features in the new cultural center of Umeå, Väven

The new cultural center of Umeå, Väven, to be inaugurated on the 17th of January, will include Jaume Plensa’s installation Twentynine Palms


Twentynine Palms was made in 2007. It consists of curtains of letters made out of stainless steel. It is a materialization of some of Plensa’s favorite poems. He takes them out of the bidimensional paper and invites the visitor to walk through them, creating a sound when the steel letters collide.

The Catalan artist has just received the Velázquez Award for Visual Arts 2013 by the queen of Spain, Doña Letizia. The ambassador of Spain in Sweden, D. Francisco Javier Jiménez-Ugarte, will attend the inauguration.