2014.11.13 Puente Flamenco Performance

Flamenco show within the Jordbro kultur-och föreningshus Open House Puente Flamenco

2014.11.13, 19:00 Jordbro


Puente Flamenco is an extraordinary experience where dance and music have an equally important role. Three dancers: Josefine Chiacchiero, Christian Gabriel, Emilia Bustos; two singers: Safoura Safavi, Nicolas Lazo Zubieta; two guitarrists: Per Lenner, Johan Moberg; and one violinist: Rocío Vilaplana, compose this amazing show.

Free entry (limited seating)

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Picture source: http://www.haninge.se/sv/Uppleva-och-gora/Kulturkulturhuset/Jordbro-kulturhus/